Payment Guide

Need a payment statement for your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Looking for a copy of your health bill for tax purposes? They can help. Choose the type of statement you need and access your report via secure message, email, phone, or our LiveWell app or website.

MyAdvocateAurora Health

You can pay for your LiveWell subscription online through our app or website or a secure online payment gateway. Additionally, you can call our automated 24/7 telephone payment system at 800-326-2250. Send a check to Aurora Health Care, P.O. POST OFFICE. P.O. Box 809418, Chicago, IL 60680-9418. You can pay your bill quickly if you have a Livewell account. And second, you need to guarantee the specific account number or the account number of the visit.

Payment Method Of MyAdvocateAurora Health Care

First, you can see your invoice. They offer four different pay statements that can be used for tax, FSA, or other reasons.

  • Single Invoice: This summary type shows all charges and payments of MyAdvocateAurora Health Care. (including patient and insurance payments).
  • Warranty Statement: This is an invoice detailing all charges. The Guarantor is the person or group who is responsible for paying Aurora. The Guarantor’s Statement is automatically sent to the Guarantor every month when a debit balance is in the Guarantor’s account.
  • Payment Summary: This is a list of all recent payments. Indicate the date each amount was recorded and the payment method used. The service date is not included.

A list shows all payments posted to a guarantor account in a calendar year in letter format. They include the date they processed your payment and your account was credited with the amount. The service date is not included. View your MyAdvocateAurora healthcare bill online and pay securely anytime, anywhere using one of these online options.

  • Pay using my MyAdvocateAurora Login account.
  • using a guest account.
  • Payments for W.I. Home Medicine Equipment and Home Intravenous Infusion Therapy.