Reset Credentials

If the plaintext password of a compromised database matches what the company would expect after the hash, the user will be prompted to choose a unique password.

MyAdvocateAurora Health

This option can be used, for example, after an upgrade or migration when you need to reset passwords for all local users. You can use the filter options to get the list of users whose passwords need to be reset. Timeout settings for notification email and partial subject and contact email can be configured.

Steps To Reset Username

Users unable to access their account due to lost credentials can recover their username or reset their password and create a new one. Reset your password. To avoid the customer service issues associated with losing passwords, many websites allow users to easily recover or reset their own passwords. However, if not implemented correctly, the password reset feature can introduce security vulnerabilities to your web application.

MyAdvocateAurora Health-Reset Credientials

  • Visit the official Myaurora website at
  • Now click on “Forgot your password?”
  • Now enter your MyAdvocateAurora Health username and date of birth in the input field.
  • If you click the “Next” button, the following page will show you how to reset your password.

What Are The Steps To Reset Password?

  • As mentioned above, go to the official website
  • “Did you forget your password?” The link is below the login button.
  • Click on the link.
  • Enter your “MyAdvocateAurora Username” and “Birthday”.
  • The password can now be reset by clicking “Next”.

If you do not know your LiveWell username associated with this account or your date of birth, please contact LiveWell Customer Service at 1-855-624-9366.